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Item no. : AP011LP
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Release Date : 12 August 2016



Empty Bottles Broken Hearts, a honky tonk band hailing from the west coast of Norway have always been a “band apart”, pun intended. This seven piece started off as a pastime for a group of friends whose lives was built around partying and buying records. That was 10 years ago and after releasing a slew of 7”s and an album, the gang is back in the saddle again with their sophomore album release – Too Little Too Late. Older, but none the wiser. In the meantime it looks like the established music world has softened up to honky tonk, or country music that actually sounds like country music, with resurgence in more traditional styles as of late. Too little, too late? Or just about right in time? That is to no concern to EBBH that have stayed true to their own ideals all along with tequila drenched tales of loneliness, abandoned love, drinking and shattered dreams. What does it sound like? Imagine 1950’s Kitty Wells meets the Bakersfield Sound via the neotraditionalist movement of the 80’s and you’re getting close. Punk in spirit but fiercely traditional in sound – that’s the code Empty Bottles Broken Hearts swear by.
1. Winter Came Early (When You Came Too Late)
2. Don’t Hide Your Tears
3. The Other Side Of Love
4.  The Only Thing Harder Than Loving You (Was Letting You Go)
5. The Strip
6. How Can We Be So Close (And So Far Away)
7. Please Wipe My Tears
8. Between Your Heart And A Hard Place
9. What Do I Have To Do
10. Who’s To Blame
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