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Item no. : OPCD290
Artist : EMPTY
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 28 April 2014



EMPTY, since 1995 are spreading their will of death and uneasiness through their funerary art. The band is back now with the album called “ETICA PROFANA NEGATIVA”. An album that like a cursed shadow whispering to your subconscious over and over again the senseless of the being of the life itself. Their music? A devious path with dramatic landscapes of narrow desolation, which leads the band to the peak of the everlasting and enduring sorrow of life…the peak of the blackest desolation of the moribund Black Metal scene.
Like an old negativity writing which have been found out from the deepest and most forgotten of the crypts, now it´s released in this fatal hour to be given as a Kind solace to humanity.
The album was recorded during the summer solstice in Moontower Studios by Javi Felez. With the help of Nahemoth from the desolating Dantalion in drums.
It takes the band to an even darker and fatal step.
I feel the hate, the chaos in universe and the pain swallowing my sanity. In the silence of meditation I can hear lugubrious sounds… Like they echo in a dying universe… god, sick of himself, had concluded that NON EXISTENCE IS BETTER THAN EXISTANCE.


1...And Also Misery.
2. Terrifying Lucidity of the Wakefulness.
3. The Funeral Song be Sung.
4. Born Under the Sign of a Moribund Star.
5. Kind Solace in a Dying Hour.
6. The Deepest Void.
7. The Tree of Dying Fruit.
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