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Enterprise Earth is among the most celebrated death metal bands of the modern era. Brooding, thick with atmosphere, groove-driven, old-school death metal with modern flourishes, their music switches gears from earth- shattering breakdowns to sickeningly slow sludge to blast furnace pummeling with seemingly effortless ease.
More than anything else, we share death in common. This universal eventuality unites us. In an evolutionary sense, it effectively ensures our equality.
No matter who you are, you will die. Enterprise Earth explore death from a different perspective altogether. Rather than turn away from it, the U.S. Quartet—Gabe Mangold [guitar, backing vocals, production], Brian Zackey [drums], Travis Worland [vocals], and Dakota Johnson [bass]—face it head-on with their fifth full- length offering, Death: An Anthology.
1. Abyss
2. Face of Fear
3. The Reaper’s Servant (ft. Darius Tehrani)
4. Spineless
5. King Of Ruination (ft. Ben Duerr)
6. Casket Of Rust
7. I, Divine
8. Malevolent Force (ft. Wes Hauch)
9. Accelerated Demise
10. Blood And Teeth
11. Curse Of Flesh (ft. Matthew K. Heafy)

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