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Item no. : AFMCD373
Artist : EPYSODE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 29 August 2011



With EPYSODE Samuel Arkan (guitarist of the band Virus IV) presents a fascinating new band project. Since years Arkan was working on what will now be released as "Obsessions", with help from many high class musicians of the progressive and power metal scene.
But what exactly makes EPYSODE so outstanding and extraordinary? At first it is of course about the magnitude and quality of the material, which offers melodic and very song-oriented progressive metal at its best. What counts are the songs, and it was secured that these were not watered by endless solo parts or unnecessary playing to the gallery, despite the fact that on the EPYSODE project so many skilled and virtuosic musicians are involved. In fact the songs get what they need, what results in material that is not too hard to access to, but on the other hand offers new facets every time of listening because of the complex arrangements. The elaborate concept story, penned by Samuel Arkan, gives "Obsessions" a very special touch. "The songs convey dialogue, feelings, thoughts and important clues which will reveal the "story behind the story", Arkan comments.
Short overview: a young police profiler investigates a mysterious series of murders. And while he does, he gets in touch with several supernatural phenomena that draw him deeper and deeper, to become a major part of the story…
01. File 41807
02. Silences Of Dawn (Poetry)
03. First Blood
04. Obsessions
05. Invisible Nations
06. Gemini Syndrome
07. Fallen’s Portrait
08. Season Of Redemption
09. The Other Side
10. Shadow Lord
11. One Chance
12. Divine Whispers
13. March Of The Ghosts
14. Last Sunset
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