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Release Date : 13 November 2020



Originally known as 'Raw Noise', EXTREME NOISE TERROR were one of the first bands to play an aggressive style of crust punk. This crust punk would later be known as grindcore. They were highly influential, inspiring the start of countless crustcore bands.

1. Pray To Be Saved  
2. Knee Deep In Shit  
3. Just Think About It  
4. Lame Brain  
5. Third World Genocide  
6. What Do You Care  
7. Moral Bondage   
8. Self Decay  
9. Commercial Suicide  
10. Is This The Way?  
11. Show Us You Care  
12. System Shit  
13. No Threat  
14. Human Terror  
15. Murder  
16. False Profit
17. You Really Make Me Sick  
18. Fucked Up System  
19. Dead Life  
20. Bullshit Propaganda  
21. Only In It For The Music

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