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Item no. : PEL024
Artist : FAMILY
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 29 October 2012


The balance Family strikes is one perfected by precious few bands. To bring the vibes of our forefathers -- the finesse, the hooks, the grooves of say, Led Zeppelin -- into the modern day metal underground; to take a classic rock sense of musicality and use it to make something that’s fiercely original, crushingly heavy and not “retro” at all... this is a fine line indeed, a delicate tension that is rarely achieved. Tool and Mastodon are two examples that come to mind, but there is also a bit of Unsane's savage blues and The Mars Volta's progressive carnival. Any way you choose to describe it, Family is undeniably its own beast, a dynamic new voice in heavy music. And most importantly, the tunes rock with memorable purpose. These are riffs you'll end up humming for days.
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