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Item no. : MROK69003
Artist : FERRETT
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 01 February 2019



FerreTT Presents A Rock n Roll Christmas !

FerreTT has come this holiday season to offer a tongue-in-cheek Christmas to get your stockings rocking! So if you love the holidays, but long for something more fun than the old standards can provide, just hit the slopes of FerreTT Mountain !! This 4 track seasonal release features an original cover of WHAM!’s “Last Christmas” and an acoustic version of the smash hit “Thirsty”, from “In Through the Out Door”.

Not merely restricted to catchy Heavy Metal, FerreTT delivers True Rock and Roll with the party edge of L.A.’s Decade of Decadence, ala 1980’s Sunset Strip era Hair Metal. FerreTT has performed live in the New York City area since 2014 with some heavy hitters, such as Grim Reaper, Enuff Z'Nuff, and Michale Graves (formerly of The Misfits). Now bent on Christmas domination, FerreTT launches a rock and roll snowball of holiday fun !

Features an original cover of WHAM!’s Smash Hit, “Last Christmas”!

1. Snow on FerreTT Mountain
2. Last Christmas (WHAM! Cover)
3. Sweet Action
4. Thirsty (Acoustic)
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