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Item no. : KAR128LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 26 February 2021



Originally released on CD only in 2017, we can now present the debut album of UK doom jazz metal trio Five the Hierophant on vinyl for the first time. “Over Phlegethon” was the follow up to thir 2015 self-titled EP. The trio has created an utterly bleak, dark and devastating album with “Over Phlegethon”, combining heavy riffs, drone-like atmospheres and a black metal like intensity. Using instruments like djembe, ragdung, violin, bowed guitars and saxophone together with a normal band set-up, Five the Hierophant has created a very unique and diverse soundscape. Commenting on the collaboration with Dark Essence Records, Five the Hierophant had this to say: "It is with happiness and great pride that we can announce that Five the Hierophant is about to embark on a journey that we hope will take us far, far out. And you're coming with us. We have joined forces with good people of Dark Essence records from Bergen and are heading towards murky waters over Phlegethon like there's no tomorrow".
1. Queen over Phlegethon
2. Vampire
3. Seafarer
4. Der Geist der stets Verneint
5. Sepulchre
6. Omen Tree
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