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Release Date : 22 March 2024



Since 2011, For All We Know has been the side project of Ruud Jolie, known from Within Temptation. The debut album was released in the same year, followed by the second album called 'Take Me Home' in 2017. In 2023, both albums were released on vinyl via prog rock/metal label Construction Records. The brand new third album, entitled 'By Design Or By Disaster', will also be released on CD and coloured vinyl via Construction Records. During the writing process, Jolie again worked closely with singer Wudstik, and the band consists of the same musicians who were featured on the first two albums: Léo Margarit (Pain of Salvation), Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex Pain of Salvation), and Marco Kuypers (ex Cloud Machine). The 11 songs on the album were produced by Jolie herself and range from heavy, thrashy metal to calm 
melodies. Compared to the previous two albums, 'By Design Or By Disaster' takes the listener to even more extreme corners, ranging from beautiful atmospheric strings to powerful rhythms and heavy guitars. Despite this diversity, Jolie continues to search for unexpected melodies and harmonies, where he is not afraid to go off the beaten path. There are also some 'Easter eggs' hidden for the attentive listener; melodies from the previous albums that return in an innovative way on this new album, making the first two albums together with this album a kind of trinity, which also applies to the artwork.
Side A 
1.) Forced To Be Free
2.) Lifeline
3.) This Hell We Know
4.) The Future That Came Too Soon
5.) All We Did Was Hide

Side B 
1.) Hush
2.) Remind Me To Forget You
3.) Flaws
4.) Guide Me In Getting Lost
5.) Ghosts of Summer’s Past
6.) Goodbye
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