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Item no. : AM1120CD
Artist : FRONT 242
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 08 September 2008



The use of computers has drastically transformed music production in the past 20 years; creation in this way is now totally integrated thanks to user friendly technology. Front242 comes from a different time, when working with electronic music was difficult, the machines were hostile and humans needed to interact strongly with synthesizers to master their art - Music required discipline. After years of digital “uber alles”, analogue synthesis and technology has made a comeback. Aware of a time where research and sound design was important, new brands have appeared and some older synthesizer brands refined the analogue technology on contemporary synthesizers, with modern components and a sophisticated sound. Front242 decided to re-load their old analogue sequences into this new generation of synthesizers and carefully re-designed all the sounds to match the spirit of their time. The result was proposed on a worldwide “Vintage Tour” that is still running today. To satisfy their fans, but also the curiosity of numbers of listeners interested in the early electronic music atmosphere ; we invite you to discover this exceptional “Live” recording encompassing the very best of Front242’s compositions. Enjoy “Moments...” - a Snapshot of 242’s live sound.

01. Happiness, 02. Body to Body, 03. Religion, 04. Welcome to Paradise, 05. Commando Remix, 06. Lovely Day, 07. Until Death, 08. Moldavia, 09. Funkhadafi, 10. 7Rain, 11. Loud*, 12. Together, 13. UMen, 14. Take One*, 15. Im Rhythmus Bleiben, 16. HeadHunter, 17. Kampfbereit*, 18. Punish Your Machine*

* these 4 tracks are alternative versions not featured on „Moments…“ limited 2CD box

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