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Item no. : IFP067
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Release Date : 01 April 2022



The Italian Black Metal Legends of Frostmoon Eclipse are back with a brand new EP entitled «Rustworn». On “Rustworn” the band present 2 new songs and 3 Live songs as a warm up for their upcoming 8th Full Length album. Just like the predecessor “Worse Weather To Come” does the new EP head in the same direction with a perfect balance between traditional Black Metal riffing and instrumental acoustic pieces. Magical guitar parts who elevates you in combination with a strong bass presence to a higher level. Tempo changing drums that go from mid phased to full on blast beats to slow tempo with break fillings to keep the songs interesting from start till end. And as last but certainly not least powerful raspy scream vocals in combination with haunting almost depressing clean singing that gives you the right chills.
1. Rustworn
2. Relentless, Circling
3. Hell Thousandfold (Live)
4. Devoured (Live)
5. Torn Apart By The Withering Voices Of Deceit (Live)
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