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Item no. : VIC007CD
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Label : VIC
Release Date : 22 September 2008



Formed in October 1989 by drummer Hans and Rene Rutten and vocalist Bart Smits, Holland's The Gathering began their career as a Celtic Frost / Hellhammer-inspired death metal act before adding guitarist Jelmer Wiersma, bassist Hugo Prinsen Geerligs and keyboardist Frank Boeijen and changing their direction towards a more experimental, "atmospheric" approach. After issuing their first demo recording, Moonlight Archer, in 1990, the group landed several gigs with Morbid Angel and Death in their home country, in the process establishing a loyal fanbase. Issued in June 1992, The Gathering's debut album, Always..., became a great success on the European continent, where it went on to shift nearly 20,000 units over the next couple of years. Before and after their debut album, The Gathering recorded several promos/demo’s/e.p.’s. Some of them have never been released before. Together with several live recordings this album contains all material from The Gathering’s early days, 1989 - 1993. Mastered and restored by Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate)


1. Heartbeat Amplifier

2. Her Last Flight

3. On a wave

4. The Illusionist

5. Passage to desire

6. Of Pavilions and Fountains

7. In Sickness and Health

8. Gaya’s Dream

9. Always...

10. Second Sunrise

11. Six Dead, Three to Go

12. Downfall

13. Another Day

14. Share the Wisdom


1. Dethroned Emperor

2. Subzero

3. Anthology in Black

4. Second Sunrise

5. Downfall

6. In Sickness and Health

7. Anthology in black

8. Downfall 9. Subzero

10. Second Sunrise

11. Gaya's dream

12. Stonegarden

13. Heartbeat Amplifier

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