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Release Date : 07 September 2010



Finland's metal scene is surprisingly varied and, on the international stage, Finnish bands are at the very top of the popularity charts. However, bands from Suomi have made an additional mark through the fact that the established musicians of the scene are more likely to take part in more than one band to express their creative ideas, than musicians from other countries. An enthusiastic exchange of ideas and musicians is almost written in stone, in order to keep in touch with musical current affairs. GHOST MACHINERY is another example of this. BURNING POINT singer and guitarist Pete Ahonen had been writing much more material than BURNING POINT could handle and much of it did not really fit into the concept of the band, which has now found its own niche in the world of music. With GHOST MACHINERY he can finally introduce, use and interpret his musical visions. GHOST MACHINERY already caused eyebrows to be raised in surprise back in 2004 when they released their debut album, "Haunting Remains", which reaped superb reviews from all over the world. In fact some people described it as a genuine neoclassical Power Metal sensation! 2010 sees the long-awaited sequence in the form of "Out For Blood", which carries on where its brilliant predecessor ended. Kick-ass, highly melodic Power Metal with emphasis placed on great choruses and ear-shattering riffs and all stamped by the impressive voice of Taage Laiho who rounds off the sound with his powerful vocals. GHOST MACHINERY's style can easily be classed as neo-classical Power Metal even though it must be stressed that the band is not simply following old paths but forming new ones. From start to finish, the eleven songs on "Out For Blood" impress the listener with the explosive guitar work and hugely powerful choruses with great unforgetability factors. It's positive metal power in every note. Also impressive are the discreet yet imposing keyboard parts. The ass-kicking, yet very lightly proggy "Name Remains In History" especially underlines the huge talent of singer Taage Laiho. "Out For Blood" is a technically complex, finely interpreted Melodic Power metal album with loads of hymn-like choruses, which not even the Scandinavian kings of metal were able to write in their heyday.
01. Face Of Evil
02. Out For Blood
03. Guilty
04. Blood From Stone
05. Name Remains In History
06. The Fortuneteller
07. Lost In Time
08. Sentenced To Life (In Paradise)
09. Mask Of Madness
10. Eternal Damnation
11. Send Me An Angel (Blackfoot Cover)
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