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Release Date : 22 March 2019



God Among Insects – exactly what it sounds like. This All-Star, old-school death metal band formed in early 2004, for the sole reason of dominating the scene. Combining guitars down tuned 1 tone short of an octave from a regular E, blasting drums with tons of double bass,  vocals from the very depths of Hell and a bass low enough to make Christian blood boil out of fear, God Among Insects prove who the real Disciples of the Apocalypse are;

Emperor Magus Caligula, known for his insane works with Black Metal legends Dark Funeral (ex-Hypocrisy), handles the vocals like Armageddon is finally here.

Lord K Philipson, mastermind of The Project Hate, serves a dish of chainsaw-buzzing guitars that will rip the flesh of every bone in the human body.

Tomas Elofsson – Guitarist of Sweden’s’ most promising Death Metal band, Sanctification, is here dealing with the bass.

Tobben Gustafsson, recognized for his insane drum work in Vomitory, batters the skins like Jeffrey Dahmer in his heydays.

The debut album “World Wide Death” doesn’t display a title that hints on what’s to expect, it throws it right in your face. Recorded in the acclaimed Abyss Studios, Sweden, with technician Tommy Tägtgren, 9 songs of breathtaking Death Metal is what will kill the world in August 2004. Mixing the famous 90’s Swedish Death Metal sound with some inspiration from the American Death Metal-scene, this album will force you to wear a bullet-proof vest while listening to it.

“World Wide Death” is the testimony of Hell!!!

1. Legions of Darkness
2. A Gush of Blood
3. Headless Nun Whore
4. Wretched Hatching
5. Chainsawed Christians
6. Purified in Carnage
7. Uprising of the Rotten
8. Severe Facial Reconstruction
9. Uhr-Nazuur
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