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Release Date : 05 July 2010



Over the course of their 16 years together as a band, GOOD RIDDANCE put an indelible stamp on the punk genre. From their first release in 1993 the band began to forge a sound that would eventually spawn countless imitators, blending melodies with aggressive hardcore instrumentation. As a stalwart in the independent scene and forbears of the melodic hardcore sound, GOOD RIDDANCE worked tirelessly to create a consistent stream of new material. Their indefatigable drive presented the band with the opportunity to release a multitude of singles, splits (with other hardcore acts Ignite, Ill Repute, Ensign), and various other offerings, none of which was ever included on their full-length albums. Capricorn One is a collection of all these songs as well as six previously unreleased tracks. Not only does Capricorn One bring together a comprehensive assemblage of every GOOD RIDDANCE single, rarity, and unreleased track for the first time, it also features a commentary about each song written by lead singer Russ Rankin. A must have for the legions of GOOD RIDDANCE fans, Capricorn One completes the band’s catalog and boasts a track list that will position it among their most acclaimed albums.
1. Stand
2. Class War 2000
3. Lame Duck Arsenal
4. Off the Wagon
5. Tragic Kingdom
6. All Mine
7. 21 Guns
8. Always
9. More Time
10. Remember When
11. Overcoming Learned Behavior
12. Flawed
13. Little Man
14. Free
15. What We Have
16. Me From Adam
17. Great Experiment
18. Not So Bad
19. Patriarch
20. Just For Today
21. Last Believer
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