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Item no. : BLOOD201
Artist : GOST
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 23 March 2018



Taking his trademark buzzsaw basslines and crystalline synth leads, GosT pushes forward to edges of synthwave  and beyond as he breaks the genre and twists it into new dimensions. The horror is pushed off the deep end as Baalberith seeks to claim souls through possession, marked by the spluttering and demented sounds of the  possessed and the panicked, and amplified through blastbeats and GosT's tortured, other-worldly screams.
This is not an album for the faint of heart.
On the other end of the sonic spectrum, the darkness has also been given a smooth intonement to possess through allurement. Smokey dance  beats pulse behind sultry laments as GosT entices his victims with a dark croon.
The newly created custom album artwork by Førtifem and timeline supplants GosT into history as the ultimate  taker of souls, showing demonic possessions throughout antiquity.
1. Possessor
2. Garruth
3. The Prowler
4. Sigil
5. Loudas Deceit
6. Beliar
7. Legion
8. 16 A.M.
9. Shiloh's Lament
10. Malum
11. Commandment
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