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Release Date : 09 May 2005



Government Issue was one of the first wave of independent punk rock bands from Washington, DC in the early eighties. This DVD features two live shows from the band's California tours of 1985. Captured raw and up close on video, this footage is hardly pristine, but that it survived at all is amazing. Always a fantastic live band, Government Issue grind out the songs in workman-like fashion as singer John Stabb reigns over the enthusiastic crowd, injecting humor and chaos into the mix. Concentrating on material from Government Issue's classic albums Joy Ride and The Fun Just Never Ends, this documents the band just as their songwriting began to eclipse the generic hardcore sound, Live 1985 is a great view of Government Issue and the raucous punk rock scene in America in the mid-eighties.


JUNE 3, 1985 - FENDERS BALLROOM: Blending In, 4 Wall Hermit, Mad At Myself, Hall of Fame, Fun & Games, Written Word, Plain To See, Puppet on a String, Sheer Terror, Familiar.

AUGUST 9, 1985 - OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM: Blending In, Puppet on a String, Understand, Hear The Scream, World Caved In, Mad At Myself, Sheer Terror, Notch To My Crotch, Hall of Fame, Written Word, Fun & Games, 4 Wall Hermit, Time to Escape, Familiar, Joy Ride, Plain To See

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