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Item no. : WAR001CD
Artist : GROMTH
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 05 December 2011



The Norwegian “orchestrated extreme metal”-band Gromth consists of members who have been in the metal scene for some years now, and some of the names in the line-up might be quite familiar for many. The line-up is: Tjodalv (Susperia, ex Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child) on drums, Grimd (Khold, Tulus) on guitar, bass and keys, Andre Aaslie (Hinsidig, Images At Twilight) on keys and Ole on vocals (he has never been a vocalist in a band before).

“The Immortal” is their break-through debut and a concept album in all its aspects. It’s about life itself, its continually tainting canvas. It’s about how we treat our life with glorious insignificance. It’s about what we do to ourselves and the consistency of our scatterbrained actions. To paint this concept in suitable tones, Gromth has created a path-breaking well-thought out soundtrack to complete what has become a true masterpiece of orchestrated extreme metal!

CD 1:

1. Rise Destroyer 2. Unknown 3. Remember 4. Killing 5. Enemy 6. Philosopher 7. The Immortal 8. My Mind 9. The Everlasting God 10. Explosive Power 11. I Destroy, Therefore I Am 12. I Leave The Dead Behind... 13. Death Eternal 14. The Destruction Of All That Is, That Was, And That Ever Could Be 15. Finale – Destroyer Of Worlds 16. Extinction


CD 2:

Orchestral version

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