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Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of the groundbreaking San Francisco progressive metal outfit HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE. Now Metal Blade is reissuing four of the band's previous releases, with a new studio album expected in 2011.
Formed in the late '90s by eclectic, versatile guitarist John Cobbett (GWAR, LUDICRA, SLOUGH FEG, AMBER ASYLUM, JARBOE), HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE started as an exercise in songwriting and making coherent full-length albums. The band is made up of some of the most talented musicians John Cobbett and co. can find. Cobbett explains, "I set out to do it this way from the beginning. Having been in a dozen or so bands that broke up before realizing their potential, I decided that the songs and albums were the most important thing. So I formed a 'break-up-proof' project that depends more on good material and strong albums than a consistent lineup."


"An unknown San Francisco-based band called Hammers of Misfortune releases a metal opera entitled THE BASTARD, one of the best metal albums ever. It wins recognition in Terrorizer Magazine as one of the "Top 40 Albums of the Year". But no one seems to notice. Tragic is only perhaps slightly too strong a term to describe this situation." – Maelstrom.com

1. The Dragon is Summoned
2. The Bastard Sapling
3. On Wings of Vengeance
4. Hunting Tyrant
5. You should have slain me
6. An oath sworn in hell
7. The Blood ax speaks
8. Tyrant dies
9. The witch´s dance
10. The prophexy has two meanings
11. The new king´s lament
12. For the ax
13. Troll´s march
14. Sacrifice the end
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