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Release Date : 21 May 2021



When it comes to the musicality of HANGING GARDEN, words are only second choice. At least the words that try to describe the songs of this Finnish band and their overall artistic aesthetic. The group’s approach to their art is based on emotion. Everything revolves around authenticity, honesty and unreserved openness. All this characterizes “Skeleton Lake”, whose progression is often implicit and whose direction of effect is sometimes suggestive. There is no right or wrong here. The connection to the seventh album of the Finns presents itself inevitably. Although the playing of HANGING GARDEN tends to be gloomy and melancholic, from to time, the songs also seem optimistic or even euphoric. Since Riikka Hatakka joined the band as a permanent vocalist on “Into That Good Night” (2019), the musical picture has partially brightened and, additionally, the sound cosmos of the Finns has broadened noticeably. The resulting impressions seem manifold and even more emotional.
01. Kuura
02. Faith
03. Nowhere Haven
04. Winter‘s Kiss
05. When the Music Dies
06. Tunturi
07. Road of Bones
08. Field of Reeds
09. Skeleton Lake
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