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Item no. : FY022
Artist : HAUST
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 06 January 2017



While orthodoxy and predictably has taken its toll on the once so exciting Norwegian Black Metal scene, a quite different breed of metal is establishing itself in the northern outpost of our civilization. Haust is one of the leading bands in the new wave of Norwegian dystopian metal. Together with bands such as Årabrot and Okkultokrati, they are at the forefront of a scene boiling with sludgy and industrial metal, a scene that are now about to represent for the young generation what the sum of Melvins, Throbbing Gristle and Swans was to the generation before them.
1. Cold Comfort
2. Anti-Reproductive
3. Skate Rock
4. Pointing And Laughing
5. I Dont Know Jack
6. Deep Green
7. The Abyss
8. Nekromantik Norway
9. I Stand Alone
10. Shit Hit
11. Unknown Mess
12. Eaten Alive
13. Vomiting
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