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Release Date : 05 November 2021


Hawkwind: A Visual Biography

Through a confluence of grinding hard rock grooves, pioneering electronics and liquid lighting, Dave Brock and his assembled astronauts of mind and space have been defining for more than fifty years now what it means to be the ultimate cult band. Ripping into the public consciousness with the Space Ritual live album of 1973, Hawkwind have never looked back, discovering new ways to equate the subatomic with the infinite, the endless void of space with totality, using the exotic language of their ever‐evolving yet complex musical language, one that defies genre classification, but perhaps creates a genre all its own, namely space rock.
Accompanying their more than thirty studio albums and myriad companion pieces along the way are the graphics thereof, visuals that further attempt to explain themes that are hard to articulate.

Hawkwind: A Visual Biography concentrates the third eye on this part of the package, presenting pretty pictures of record covers, promo items, advertisements, ticket stubs, paper goods pertaining to side projects and numerous photos, most previously unpublished, of Brock and crew resplendent in their live space, in hopes that the Hawk manifesto just might become a little more knowable.
Aiding in that cause, Martin Popoff has provided a detailed timeline of the band’s complicated and dramatic career goings‐on, helping to guide one’s way through each year and era, each hiring and firing and misfiring, each cluster of notions, audio magic potions, each sailing upon inter‐stellar topographic oceans.
The ultimate aim is to send older fans as well as the next generation of blaster‐offer back to the original scriptures, the studio albums serving as space‐flung signposts, in search of the charming and astounding sounds that gave rise to Hawkwind: A Visual Biography.


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