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Item no. : SOM176CD
Artist : HDK
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 23 February 2009



Pure aggression pumps adrenalin through the veins of “System Overload”. Each song is driven by an overdose of anger, disgust and hate, which according to his own words fuelled the brain of mastermind Sander Gommans at the time of their composing. The guitarist has already gained an excellent reputation as the main songwriter in renowned Dutch Gothic Metal heroes AFTER FOREVER. Those long years of experience infuse a keen sense for crunchy hooklines and catchy melodies into HDK’s sound. Yet although Amanda Somerville (AINA, AVANTASIA) adds her beautiful voice and intense lyrics to the host of guest singers like former ANGRA / SHAMAN frontman Andre Matos or Mike Scheijen (37 Stabwoundz) this band amalgamates Melodic Death, Classic and Modern Thrash with some Progressive and Gothic elements into a super heavy alloy. Instrumental contributions by guitarist Arjen Lucassen (AYREON) and Joost Van den Broek (AFTER FOREVER) on keyboards among many others provide amazing solo counterparts within this masterpiece of anger that also surprises with its stunning diversity. Originally founded as a humorous project with the over the top name HATE DEATH KILL, now HDK has evolved into a far more serious and sinister shape. Inject this aggression and get your own: “System Overload”!
1. System Overload, 2. Request, 3. Let Go, 4. Terrorist, 5. Pedestal, 6. On Hold, 7. Breakdown, 8. March, 9. Perfect, 10. Fight or Flight, 11. Fine Lines
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