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Release Date : 02 November 2009



Two words spring to mind when you listen to Hellanbach’s debut album ‘Now Hear This’, and those two words are…Van Halen. The cocksure attitude on display is highly reminiscent of the initial impact that Van Halen showed back in 1977 when their astonishing debut album first hit the stores. We hadn’t heard anything like it before and they knew it! That same “we’re gonna do exactly want we want and there’s nothing you can do about it” bravado runs through the grooves of ‘Now Hear This’ and although by this time we had heard something like it before, we hadn’t heard anything like it from a British band. Nearly twenty five years after its release, the excitement that accompanied this album’s arrival is still evident. Undoubtedly one of – if not the – finest British hard rock debuts of the 80’s, ‘Now Hear This’ still manages to sound fresh, urgent and important.

1. Dancin’
2. Times Are Getting Harder
3. Look At Me
4. All Systems Go
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. Motivated By Desire
7. Taken By Surprise
8. Let’s Get This Show On The Road
9. Kick It Out
10. All The Way
11. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat       

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