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Item no. : CSK150CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : CASKET
Release Date : 18 August 2008



Beginning life in 2004 in a small mining town in Staffordshire to brothers inspired by the mighty Raging Speed Horn had the idea to form HellFire, the sound they came up with was a low dirty guitar, a violent air raid scream vocal with blistering drums, their aim to make brutal music which made you move. In 2005 the band released “Hell On Earth”(self-finance EP), this was received very well by the die-hard fans of extreme music and lead the band to support Bring Me The Horizon, Daath, Viking Skulls, Shaped By Fate, Burning Skies, Mistress and many more, much touring and growing brought the band, in 2007 to release their second EP “Bleed For The Cause” (Holier Than Thou Rcds) still brutal, but slightly more refined, and again very well received with great reviews from the likes of Terrorizer magazine and a track from the record was added to the cover mount CD In 2008 the band received interest form Casket Music and this lead to the band recording a further six tracks to make a full-length Album.

1. Darkest Hour

2. Hell On Earth

3. Evil Prevails

4. Insanity

5. Forced To Kill

6. Deceiver Of The Damned

7. Bleed For The Cause

8. Eye Of The Storm

9. Suffer In Silence

10. Betrayal Of Trust

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