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Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

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Item no. : INV245
Artist : HEREM
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 13 January 2016



It just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it: ”Herem is a five piece from Finland formed in two-thousand-and-five”.

In their eleven years of existence Herem has released three albums of crushing doom encrusted in demonic vocals. On their latest offering “III” the band has progressed to seek nuances from a broad range of musical themes and atmospheres. The album takes shape as five tracks sinking the listener into moods ranging from slow doom, sudden trippy melodic phrases and pounding sludge rock topped off with the relentless growls and shrieks of a surely possessed Valendis Suomalainen.

1. Scars To Summon
2. Snakes Of The Third Moon
3. Drowning Steed
4. Slumber
5. Edge Of The World
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