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Due 26 July 2024
Item no. : ARLP257V1
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 26 July 2024



Hour Of Penance is a technical/brutal death metal outfit formed in 1999, widely considered as one of the most intense and talented representatives of the genre to emerge from Italy. The band needed three albums to surpass its local character and transform humble beginnings into international following, with massive touring across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia, supporting the genre's heavyweights. The band has been consistent in crafting its sonic identity through a brand of complex, crushing and surgical death metal. Its latest installment, "Devotion", whilst tailored for hyper speeds and untamed brutality, doesn't shy away from perceptive social metaphors in its dark imaginary and lyrics.
1. Devotion by Tyranny
2. Parasitic Chain of Command
3. Birthright Abolished
4. Retaliate
5. Breath the Dust of their Dead
6. The Morality of Warfare
7. Severance
8. The Ravenous Heralds
9. A Desert Called Peace
10. Spiralling Into Decline
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