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Item no. : LMC315CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 20 February 2012



HOUSE of SHAKIRA, one of Sweden’s longest running and most respected melodic hard rock bands are back with a revitalised line-up, a potent new set of songs and a bright future as their new opus “HoS” will testify on 30th January 2012. Fans of House of Shakira and indeed the melodic rock community have been eagerly awaiting the first fruits of the bands effort with the possessor of one of the best new melodic rock voices of recent years, new vocalist ANDREAS NOVAK (solo / ex Mind’s Eye). With “HoS”, Novak’s vocals coupled with the bands undoubted song writing skill - as proven on genre classics like “Lint”, “III” and “First Class” - have delivered on CD the goods the potential this pairing suggested on paper. The first thing the listener will notice is a renewed vigour and swank to the bands delivery. Throughout “HoS” you will hear a band enjoying their new incarnation with a collection of melody infused driving rock songs paired with the odd tender ballad. Whilst at times there is a heavier edge to the music, “HoS” is for the most part back to basics for the band i.e. accessible songs with a commercial punch built around infectious vocal melodies. This is material that is begging to be played live by a band eager to play it live.
1. Brick Wall Falling
2. Changes In Mind
3. Carry My Load
4. Zodiac Maniac
5. Fractions Of Love
6. Midnight Hunger
7. Endless Night
8. All Aboard
9. What Goes Around…
10. I’ll Be Gone
11. Voice In The Void
12. Lost In Transition
13. Out Of My Head.
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