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Item no. : DEAD170CD
Artist : HRZIG
Product type : Compact Disc Mini
Release Date : 25 July 2011



Hot on the hooves of the critically acclaimed “Anthems to Decrepitude”, Spanish inquisition HRIZG returns to burn the world with new mini-album “Inferno”. Recorded again at the infamous Khazad-Dum Studios, “Inferno” sparks five tracks of blazing Black Metal the way the old masters intended. Fuelled with sepulchral atmosphere and dynamic songwriting, HRIZG turn your world into an “Inferno” !
“A phenomenal cult album” –Forbidden Magazine
“Creative, extreme, brilliant, and dark but complex” –Culture Asylum
“The songwriting and atmospherics are top notch” – [A- rating]

1. Inferno I - The Awakening (5:02)
2. Inferno II - To Yield Below the Frozen Sky (5:25)
3. Inferno III - Shadowshield (4:10)
4. Inferno IV - Ars Goetia (3:56)
5. Inferno V - Conqueror of this Wooden Abyss (8:17)
Total running time: 26:50

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