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Item no. : 436422
Artist : HUNTER
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 10 May 2024



HUNTER, founded in Mannheim in the early eighties, were one of the most promising bands in the then emerging hard 'n heavy scene in Germany. In
1985, the still young formation was able to get a deal with Earthshaker Records and within 10 days they recorded their debut album "Sign Of The
Hunter", which was released in the same year. "Keep The Chance" followed in 1987 on the German label Rockport. Despite offers from the USA for a
tour and various other offers, the band then became quiet and the musicians went their own way for decades. It wasn't until 2019 that they got
together again to just casually play a few songs in the rehearsal room, which then resulted in the comeback album "The Return" in 2020.
Unfortunately, singer Rusty Wayman left the band shortly before the first reunion show. However, all live shows could be played with the help of
Christian “Keule” Haas and brought HUNTER back into the spotlight. In 2023 they finally found a new singer, Steve Strater, with whom they recorded
the album “Rock'n Roll V.I.P.” Shortly afterwards, H. Van Noize on bass and Ringin' D on guitar joined the band and HUNTER was complete again.
"Rock 'N' Roll V.I.P." continues where the band left off with “The Return” in 2020. Catchy Hard Rock with hooks, groove and taste that goes beyond
the mainstream and boredom.
1. Phoenix Rising
2. Rock 'n' Roll V.I.P.
3. Hard To Survive
4. Runaway Ramp
5. Who Needs The Devil (When You're Already In Hell)
6. Dust 'n' Bones
7. Demon Of The Highway
8. Vegas Madness
9. The Eagles Fly High
10. Black Cat
11. The Huntress
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