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Release Date : 20 May 2016



The Hypothesis is a modern technical metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The Hypothesis introduces the impressive array of band members, who are or have previously played in other bands, such as Paradise Lost, Vallenfyre, Red Moon Architect, Dimebag Beyond Forever, Dead Shape Figure and Naildown.

Upcoming “Origin” album shows highly-talented and technical metal music with intriguing melodies. The Hypothesis knows how to combine hard riffs with fast tempo in a new and original way. “Origin” is the first album of The Hypothesis and it introduces a totally new style metal from the cold winterlands of Finland.

1.  Shades To Escape
2.  Leak
3.  End Of Your Days
4.  Scarface
5.  Exit
6.  Atonement
7.  Eye For an Eye
8.  Weak Story
9.  Second Chance
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