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“A first-hand account of the creative, technical, and human chemistry as Duran Duran record their masterpiece”
Giorgio Moroder

Ian Little, a young musical novice, lucked into minding Roxy Music’s studio while the band were on the road. By the time they returned, he had a record contract and was promoted to production assistant for their swansong Avalon. And that’s just the beginning.

Duran Duran had ambitions to become the biggest band in the world, and chose Ian to produce the album that made it happen. In Baptism Of Fire, travel with Ian and the band to Sri Lanka, the south of France, New York, Monserrat and Sydney, to create Seven And The Ragged Tiger, one of the defining albums of the 80s.

This remarkable book tells the story of a meteoric rise, making a massive hit album under pressure (encountering Bowie, Dylan, McCartney and other legends along the way), a too-much-too-soon spiral into addiction and homelessness in the years that followed, the fight to get life back on track, and the spiritual growth along the way.

With a foreword by Hazel O’Connor

About the Author:
Ian Little was found in a phonebox one or two days after his birth and adopted and raised by a loving family near Croydon in the southeast suburbs of London. He went to art school in Kingston-upon-Thames and initially became an architectural apprentice and worked with the band Supertramp on the staging of their Breakfast In America world tour. This led to working as a studio engineer on Roxy Music's swansong album Avalon, as well as putting out his own music under the name New Asia. With a growing reputation in music, he produced Duran Duran's biggest album Seven And The Ragged Tiger and the non-album smash Is There Something I Should Know. Following this, he produced an album by Sparks and worked with Belouise Some, but a spiral of addiction led to a long stint homeless in New York. His recent years have been spent recovering from poor physical health and is now back in London in the producer's chair, and mentors underprivileged young people in music technology. His memoir Baptism Of Fire (Astral Horizon Press, 2022) is his first book.

Introduction By Hazel O’Connor 5
Preface 7
1 From Economy To First Class: Time In Sri Lanka With Simon Le Bon 13
2 My First Musical Adventure: Supertramp In LA 23
3 Gallery Studios & Real Beginnings 33
4 Working At Gallery & Learning To Produce 41
5 The Making Of Avalon And Jealous Guy 49
6 How I Started Working With Duran Duran 69
7 Is There Something I Should Know? 75
8 Mixing Is There Something I Should Know? 87
9 Ian Little - The Early Years 95
10 The Perfection Of Being 101
11 Crisis, What Crisis? 113
12 Writing & Recording With Duran Duran: South Of France, Spring 1983 117
13 Main Album Recording At Air Studios: Montserrat, Summer 1983 135
14 Working On Island Time 153
15 Mixing Seven And The Ragged Tiger 165
16 Seven And The Ragged Tiger Side One 175
17 Seven And The Ragged Tiger Side Two 193
18 Production Principals 203
19 My Fall From Grace 207
20 Take My Breath Away Giorgio Moroder, Sparks & LA 215
21 Homeless In New York City & New Beginnings 221
Acknowledgements 231
Music Outreach Project: A Brief Synopsis 235
Duran Duran Discography 1981 To 1985 Compiled By Steve Thorpe 237
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