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Release Date : 27 May 2022



Iced Earth were invited to headline the Bang Your Head Festival on July 16th, 2016.  Although the band was in the studio working on composing and preproduction of their forthcoming album Incorruptible (2017), they accepted the offer.  The promoter of the show was wishing for a full play through of the Dark Saga (1996) album to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that record. However, due to the demands of the studio work, the band felt that there was no way to do a proper tribute to the entire album with the time constraints they were dealing with.  The setlist is fairly Dark Saga heavy, but also features 3 tracks from the acclaimed Plagues of Babylon (2014) release, and thus unleashes these songs for the first time in a live recording, as well as touching on many eras of the bands vast catalog/history.
This album also captures one of guitarist Troy Seele’s last performances with the band, who left soon after, to take care of his family. Iced Earth founder and guitarist Jon Schaffer, longtime drummer Brent Smedley, bassist Luke Appleton, and singer Stu Block round out the lineup for this show.
CD 1
1. Dark Saga
2. Plagues Of Babylon
3. Democide
4. Vengeance Is Mine
5. Burning Times
6. Pure Evil
7. I Died For You
8. Cthulhu
9. Damien
CD 2
1. Slave To The Dark
2. A Question Of Heaven
3. My Own Saviour
4. Dystopia
5. The Hunter
6. Watching Over Me
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