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Item no. : MASSDP0689
Artist : IMPERIA
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 28 March 2011


IMPERIA is an atmospheric metal band who‘s sound is especially evident by the distinguished and remarkable strong voice of Helena Iren Michaelsen who sings in a variety of styles from deep emotional feelings to extreme operatic expressions. The music is full of vivacity, it is heavy, bombastic and orchestral, but it also contains elements of pure metal. The band is a true cross-border unit of musicians originating from different countries: Norway, Finland, Germany and Belgium. During 2009 and 2010 new songs were written for the third full length. The album was titled as Secret Passion and the recordings started in the autumn of 2010. This time band used different studios for the recordings. The drums were recorded in Germany, the bass in Belgium, guitars in Finland and the vocals in Norway. The orchestrations were produced by Oliver Philipps (Everon), who also performs on the album. As a guest musician IMPERIA introduces Tina Guo on the cello. The mix and the mastering were handled by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction) in Denmark. The new IMPERIA album Secret Passion is full of variety and it‘s a musical journey thought different emotions and soundscapes. Welcome on the IMPERIA‘S epic journey
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