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Item no. : INDIE015CD
Artist : IN VAIN
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 01 March 2010



When In Vain released their debut album “The Latter Rain” in 2007, the metal world didn’t know what hit them. The album was recorded in DUB Studio and was a huge project involving close to 20 guest musicians and several guest vocalists. A united metal press praised the album, and it was described as an instant classic. After joining forces with Battered and label mates Vreid for a European tour, and several other live appearances such as the Inferno festival the band went back to the drawing board and started to work on a new album. In the summer of 2008, the band once again entered DUB studio, to record the sequel to "The Latter Rain". With "Mantra", In Vain takes the step up amongst the heavyweights of the genre. With extreme, brutal passages, progressive guitar riffs, beautiful melodies and a diverse use of vocal styles, the album continues the progression from "The Latter Rain". This album proves that the band is in it for the long haul. It is safe to say that this is the best In Vain-album to date. Keep your eyes open for "Mantra". 2010 is going to be the year of In Vain.

1. Captivating Solitude

2. Ain`t No Lovin`

3. Mannefall

4. On The Banks Of Mississippi

5. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts

6. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit Of The Nez Perce)

7. Circle Of Agony

8. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

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