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Item no. : EMZ49LP3
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Release Date : 29 October 2021



Re-issue of INFERNAL TORMENT'S second album 'Birthrate Zero'!

After the incredibly successful reissue of “Man’s True Nature”, it’s now time for the second album of Danish death metal cult act Infernal Torment to hit the racks. With a slightly adjusted line-up, which included Heinz Kristensen on drums, Infernal Torment recorded and released “Birthrate Zero”, a more melodic and complex album. The band was short-lived but their two album legacy lived on, getting stronger every year that passed since then.
Key members joined bands such as Illdisposed and Dawn Of Demise in their careers after Infernal Torment. However, “Man’s True Nature” and “Birthrate Zero” remain two of the most controversial and non compromising brutal albums in the history of Scandinavian death metal!
Now, for the first time ever, “Birthrate Zero” will finally be available on LP for the first time, after a demanding request from death metal fans worldwide.

For fans of: Suffocation, Pyrexia & Cryptopsy

1. The Razor Twist
2. Product of Society
3. Birthrate Zero
4. The End of Civilization
5. 443556
6. Murder the World
7. Race
8. Eliminate
9. Inhaled
10. Fuck the Whales
11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
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