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Item no. : ABCD030
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 09 September 2002



Inkubus sukkubus are without doubt the uks’ most successful pagan rock band, crossing over into both the mainstream rock & metal scenes as well as the underground gothic genre. Their Wytches album is one of their most popular, containing early material & many of the bands most popular tracks – this reissue is presented in a deluxe 4 fold digipak, with completely different artwork from previous issues (the new cover design is conceptually what the band originally wanted the cover to be, when the album was first released, but did not have the resources/technology to produce it). Also included on this edition is a hidden bonus track, an accoustic recording of the title track wytches.
1. Wytches
2. Queen Of The May
3. Pagan Born
4. Gypsy Lament
5. Leveller
6. Call Out My Name
7. Conquistadors
8. Burning Times
9. Song To Pan
10. Enchantment
11. Catherine
12. Church Of Madness
13. The Rape Of Maude Bowen
14. Dark Mother
15. Devils
16. Wytches (Acoustic Version) Bonus Track Not On Previous Editions
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