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Release Date : 23 March 2018



Thrash has been heavily inspiring young metal bands ever since the 80's – with a major revival predicted on a yearly basis. Yet when INSANITY ALERT came crashing into this scene like a ten-ton wrecking-ball when their eponymous debut album hit the streets in 2014, something was different. Quite obviously, the Austrians were succeeding outrageously well in bringing the fun back into thrash metal. Following in the footsteps of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, D.R.I., and MUNICIPAL WASTE to name a few of their influences, these Alpine mosh-monsters delivered short sharp riff attacks that makes heads bang, necks snap, and diving into the next pit mandatory.
1. Glorious Thrash
2. The Claw (Of All That Is Evil)
3. Zongo VS. Eyeball
4. Macaroni Maniac
5. F.U.N.
6. Crucified By Zombies
7. Weedgrinder
8. Blunt In / Blunt Out
9. Flamethrower
10. Shit For Brains
11. Twist-Off Betrayal
12. Mankind Eraser
13. Shell-Shocked
14. Arac Attack
15. Run To The Pit
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