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Item no. : SOM689LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 09 December 2022



Party hard and mosh even harder with the reissue of Moshburger, the 2016 feel-good opus from crossover thrashers INSANITY ALERT. Not only does the Belgian party brigade know how to craft the perfect anthem for beer drinkers and bong rippers, but they are also asking the important questions here, like “Why Is David Guetta Still Alive?”
01. Disco Demolition
02. Life's Too Short For Longboards
03. Pact With Satan
04. Desinfector
05. The Times Are A-Thrashin'
06. Why Is David Guetta Still Alive?
07. Wake & Bake
08. Lord Kill-A-Lot
09. Gonna Rip Your Head Off
10. March Of The Mentally Ill
11. Confessions Of A Crabman
12. Make Up Your Mind Or Die
13. Slimer's Revenge
14. Metal Punx Never Die!
15. Mushroom Cloud
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