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Item no. : SRR075OS
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Release Date : 07 October 2022



Out of the smoke of the pandemic, Intoxicated return with a renewed energy in the form of their debut full length, Watch You Burn. Recorded at Morbid Angel's old rehearsal studio in Tampa that Intoxicated literally rehabbed and converted into a state-of-the-art studio for renown producer, Ryan Boesch (Foo Fighters, Whores, Helmet, Melvins, ANDREW WK), now known as Candor Recording, Watch You Burn is a product of a band on a mission who's Florida roots are worn proudly on their sleeves. While you can hear traces of Obituary, Massacre, and Chuck Schuldiner sprinkled all over the album, Intoxicated offer much more than shades of death. There is a heavy crossover vibe present ala D.R.I. or early C.O.C., as well as some Skate Punk /Thrash like the early Venice Beach bands. In addition, there are moments you'll swear you heard a Matt Pike riff or something out of the NOLA playbook. With guest spots courtesy of friends Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste and Ken Andrews of Obituary, Watch You Burn is a bonafide rager! Intoxicated took little time off during the pandemic, adding a new guitarist, John Sutton, who is no stranger to the Florida metal scene having spent time with 90's act Pain Principle. In the last 6 months alone, Intoxicated have supported Obituary, Massacre, Nasty Savage, Gruesome, D.R.I., The Casualties, Inhuman Condition and High Reeper. With ANDREW WK's disappearance leaving Erik Payne and Gregg Roberts to their own devices, Intoxicated have certainly taken a front seat and there is no sign of slowing down - the band have the pedal to the floor and plan to be out supporting the album all Summer. You can catch them this Summer supporting Obituary and Municipal Waste on select dates as well as Into the Darkness Fest and Full Terror Assault Open Air!
1. Assholian Mode
2. Grovel
3. Watch You Burn
4. Legacy's Demise
5. Majestic Ride
6. Force Fed
7. Dumpster Dive
8. Revelation Denied
9. Analyze
10. Inevitable End
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