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Item no. : HTR238LP
Artist : J.TEX
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 27 November 2020



If you hadn’t heard J.Tex before, then this album will convert you into a believer—prepare to be baptized in the church of his guitar and voice. Jens is a legend in the making, hailing from Copenhagen, but with roots that grow deep in Detroit. His lyrics, style, and passion for music are little bits and pieces of history in the making, homages to the traditions that are the roots and Americana musical genres. The songs presented here on this album are like constant little reminders that we and the world around us are all works in progress, that with the passage of time, we grow and change, and that there is always room to wonder. Simply put, it’s to just go with the flow.

Jens and his band have laid down some serious tracks here, reenvisioning older songs from their repertoire, while also blessing us with some killer new material. Take the track, “This Old Banjo” which appeared previously on the album Old Ways vs New Days. Here, the tempo is up, it’s almost chasing you like a wild river running underneath the hull of a canoe going down stream. The tone, it’s darker, it’s matured. This older song has grown into itself, it’s hit a tough point in its life but it means business and it is going to fight for what it wants. Just like all of us right now in this godforsaken pandemic.

So, come on in, and get ready for an awakening. This is Americana and Roots at its core. It’s J.Tex at his best. Like his material here, he too, has grown and matured. Producing an organic and pure reflection of everything going on in the middle of a man’s life. So hop on in, come along for the journey.

1. Broken Rose
2. Neon Signs And Little White Lies
3. This Old Banjo
4. I Told You So
5. Way Down In The Country
6. Rocket Ship
7. Drummer Boy
8. Sometimes I Feel Like An Angel
9. Waiting For A Train
10. My Kind Of Town
11. Real Thing Going On In Tennessee
12. This Old Country
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