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Item no. : PMZ215CD
Artist : JD MILLER
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 28 April 2017



At the Mighty Music office we absolutely love melodic hard rock, and this signing caters in every way to that part of us!
The new JD Miller record ’World War X’ sounds like the musical child bred by Eclipse and Evergrey.
If you like melodic, guitar driven rock fronted by edgy vocals and soaring harmonies all wrapped up in modern production - JD Miller is your thing!
’World War X’ was recorded at Studio Haga and Studio Berghem in Sweden by JD Miller themselves.
The album was mixed by former member Christian Svedin as he understands the sound of JD Miller, and it was mastered by one of Swedens true audio greats in Thomas ’Plec’ Johansson at ‘The Panic Room’.
"We are super exited to be a part of the Mighty Music family and we feel like they are a perfect fit for us.
World War X' is a great melodic hard-rock album that we are really proud of and that we have slaved over for the last 2 years.
It's the first record featuring our new line-up with Chris, Alex and Elias who joined during the recording process.
We hope that the listeners will love the feel and sound of the album as we gear up to get out on the road to meet them."


1.Journey Through The Past
2. Against The Wind
3. My Open Arms
4. Evergrey
5. Power
6. Clouded Minds
7. Forgotten
8. Isolation
9. Wanderer Of Light And Sorrow
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