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Release Date : 07 August 2015



Jefferson Starship grew out of the San Francisco band Jefferson Airplane. The band released their debut album Dragonfly in early 1974 and since that time the band has enjoyed massive success on the world stage both with albums and concert appearances. Rather like fellow San Francisco band The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship find themselves in the twenty first century with as much interest in their career as they had in the sixties and seventies. The band still led by founder member Paul Kantner and joined by fellow founder member David Freiberg still tour regularly and also record releasing a new studio album in late 2008. This in concert performance was made under the name of Jefferson Starship Acoustic Warrior and as the name suggests features Starship regulars Paul Kantner, Marty Balin and guitarist Slick Aguilar along with Chris Smith performing some of Jefferson Starship's best known songs in an acoustic style. This concert was recorded in Huntington New York on February 19th 1999. As with the other Bear recordings in the series this live concert release will be welcomed by the large and dedicated Jefferson Starship fan base and also lovers of music from the sixties San Francisco music scene.
Disc 1
1. St. Charles 2. My Best Friend 3. J.P.P. McStep Blues 4. Jerry Springer Drinking Story 5. Mountain Song 6. Today 7. Caroline 8. Hearts 9. Atlanta Lady 10. Summer of Love 11. No Limits
Disc 2
1. P.K. Commentary 2. Baby Tree 3. Your Mind Has Left Your Body 4. For The Good of All 5. Shadowlands 6. Miracles 7. The Light 8. Plastic Fantastic Lover 9. America 10. Get Ready 11. Volunteers 12. E: Coming Back To Me 13. It's No Secret
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