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Item no. : SXYCD073
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Release Date : 02 July 2007


In the fifteen years since their formation from the Arizona punk circuit, fashions and scenes have come and gone, but one constant has been the rise of Jimmy Eat World to their unique position in music today - beloved of the indie purists, yet commanding a huge fan base and shifting albums by the million. The release of their 2001 breakthrough album earmarked the group as figureheads of the emerging ‘emo’ genre, a status they had clearly outgrown by the time their blend of melodic pop-rock on ‘Chase This Light’ was flying off the shelves some six years later. And with new material set to take the band to the next level, it seems the boys from Mesa are destined for even greater things in the near future.

Jimmy Eat World – The Lowdown is a two disc set celebrating this astonishing band’s career to date. Containing - on disc one - over an hour of fascinating interviews with the guys, in which they talk candidly about writing and recording, their enormous success, what they get up to on the road and a range of other issues. The second disc features an audio biography telling the group’s complete story, from their DIY roots to the elite status and more mature sound they boast today. Finished with deluxe slipcase packaging and booklets featuring rare photographs throughout, this set will prove a delight for every JEW fan around

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