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Release Date : 07 January 2013



Sometime around late 2005 / early 2006 a strangely-named band appeared on the Internet causing immediate commotion: JOB FOR A COWBOY. Their gripping mix of brutal death metal, chaotic elements and crushing groove not only infected the MySpace community within a short period of time; the name JOB FOR A COWBOY spread like a wildfire thanks to the band’s efficient promo work and the excellent – self-produced – “Doom” EP. Soon after, Metal Blade Records signed the young group (at the band’s formation in 2003, members of the band were as young as 15). Besides their unusual moniker, the band also counts on a plethora of merch designs and items that any true metalhead wouldn’t forget so quickly. Not to forget the JFAC/Spongebob Squarepants video “Job For A Sponge”, which made the band pop up on the screens of thousands of YouTube users. After playing nearly every stage in the USA (alongside UNEARTH and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, among many others) and playing a sold-out, self-booked tour of the UK with record-breaking merchandise sales in 2006, the band was showered with titles such as “Metal's Most Important Troops for 2007” (Metal Hammer), “Hottest Guitar Bands of 2007” (Total Guitar), and “Breakthrough Bands that will be Kicking Your Ass this Year” (Revolver). So it was about time they completed the long awaited debut “Genesis”. Recorded at Blue Light Audio Media in Phoenix, AZ with producer Cory Spotts and mixed by the Grammy winning Andy Sneap (OPETH, ENTOMBED, MEGADETH), “Genesis” is exactly the mean bastard people were expecting after the acclaimed “Doom” EP. JOB FOR A COWBOY are obviously not about to reduce their live activities in the least – the band will be hitting clubs (e.g. on a Europe tour supporting UNEARTH) and festivals all through 2007! NOTHING can stop this band!!!
1. Bearing The Serpent's Lamb
2. Reduced to Mere Filth
3. Altered From Catechization
4. Upheaval
5. Embedded
6. Strings of Hypocrisy
7. Martyrdom Unsealed
8. Blasphemy
9. The Divine Falsehood
10. Coalescing Prophecy
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