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JOB FOR A COWBOY's history reads like an unbelievable fairytale, and is one of the great succes stories of the death metal scene in recent years. No matter what extreme metal show you went to in 2008 and 2009, at least one of the younger attendants was wearing a JFAC t-shirt.
2009 will mark the next chapter in this story. Its title: “Ruination”! JFAC have completed their sophomore album, which is considered the most eagerly awaited metal album of the year, especially among the younger generation of fans. And the Arizona natives won't disappoint any of them, as “Ruination” sounds even more brutal and technical than its already quite extreme predecessor, thanks in no small part to the addition of drummer John Rice, who at his young age can already compete with any of the masters of the genre. On the contrary, the big names of the scene will soon be looking up to him.
JFAC is the epitome of modern extreme metal. They are the undisputed scene leaders for thousands of young kids! Their “Doom” EP and “Genesis” are already modern classics only four and two years after their respective releases, serving as models for a whole armada of newcomer bands. “Ruination” will be THE extreme metal album of 2009! No doubt about that!
The last words come from JFAC's charismatic frontman and talented lyricist Jonny Davy: “Job For A Cowboy has toured the world and faced a ton of challenges over the course of the last year and a half.  All of the hard work that we’ve put in and everything that we’ve experienced is directly reflected
1. Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
2. Summon the Hounds
3. Constitutional Masturbation
4. Regurgitated Disinformation
5. March to Global Enslavement
6.  Butchering the Enlightened
7. Lords of Chaos
8. Psychological Immorality
9. To Detonate and Exterminate
10. Ruination
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