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Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 27 November 2015



The Dolby Decades is the follow up to The Yamaha Years. Twenty top tunes from Sheffield’s finest solo performer including: Three Men In A Van, I Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now, Disaffected Youth, Mutiny Over The Bounty and Scenes From South Yorkshire. A substantial fan base for this artist will ensure the album reaches unheard of heights. Now for the first time on vinyl with six bonus tracks!
A1 Life Is Like A Salad Bar A2 Serial Cereal Eater A3 Three Men In A Van A4 Fish and Chips A5 Unaccompanied Lady A6 Disaffected Youth
B1 God's Waiting Room B2 God Bless The Fleece B3 Dandelion and Burdock B4 I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now B5 I Don't Want To Dance (But You've Got To!) feat Richard Whiteley B6 Blatherwyke B7 Betty Turpin
C1 Two Margarines C2 She Lives In Hope C3 One Foot In The Gravy C4 Karen's Tangerine C5 Mutiny Over The Bounty C6 When Suburbia Wakes C7 Scenes From South Yorkshire
D1 Do The Stars Remember? (Original Version)* D2 Welcome Back To Greasy Bacon* D3 Let It Go* D4 Oo, That’s Better!* D5 Catch The Fox (Original Version)* D6 Pine For Christmas*
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