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Item no. : FRCA1237
Artist : JOURNEY
Product type : Music Cassette
Release Date : 08 July 2022



"The whole album, there's not a filler on the record; that's what I can tell you. I look at it, and I'm listening to it now, and many others that have known our music for a long time that have very good ears have said, 'Look, this is the modern-day-and-age 'Escape''. I think this could be the next 'Escape' for you guys.' And I think that's a bold statement, but honest to God, I feel like it's that good." - Founding JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon
1. Together We Run
2. Don't Give Up On Us
3. Still Believe In Love
4. You Got The Best Of Me
5. Live To Love Again
6. The Way We Used To Be
7. Come Away With Me
8. After Glow
9. Let It Rain
10. Holdin On
11. All Day And All Night
12. Don't Go
13. United We Stand
14. Life Rolls On
15. Beautiful As You Are
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