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Julian Colbeck has amassed a massive amount of credibility as a musician over the last thirty plus years. Julian first came to prominence playing keyboards fro British rock band Charlie and was witrh the band through most of their history and has more recently contributed to the bands first album in more than twenty years. In addition to Charlie Julian has also played live with and recorded for Steve Hackett, Bill Bruford and also played keyboards with Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe appearing on the double live album and DVD An Evening of Yes Music Plus. Back To Bach was originally released in `1992 although has been unavailable for some time now making this release all the more desirable. The album features re workings of Bach's fuges by Julian Colbeck and Jonathan Cohen with contributions from Mary Hopkin, Steve Hackett (Genesis) and John Keeble (Spandau Ballet).
1. Old Faces at Heaven's Gate
2. Pure February - 2:39
3. Prelude 1 [Pure February]
4. Septembrist
5. Fugue 1 [Septembrist]
6. 4th Of July
7. Prelude 11 [4th Of July]
8. Riding The March Of Dimes
9. Fugue 11 [Riding The March Of Dimes]
10. Case Of January
11. Prelude III [Case Of January]
12. June Daze
13. Fugue III [June Daze]
14. No, No, November
15. Prelude IV [No, No, November]
16. St Augustine
17. Fugue IV [St Augustine]
18. Faces From Old Photos Rediscovered
19. Prelude V [Heaven's Gate]
20. Maybe, Maybe Not
21. Fugue V [Maybe, Maybe Not]
22. April's Fool
23. Prelude VI [April's Fool]
24. Man Of December
25. Fugue VI [Man Of December]
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