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Release Date : 19 January 2018



This January 2018, the debut album of Justify Rebellion ‘Unleashing The Beast’ is being released, it is an album which takes point of departure in the animalistic instincts in us as humans and the dark thoughts which surrounds us in our daily routines, gloomy myths and tales from old times. The song ‘Beast’ was released as a precursor to the album which had its music video premier on the swedish ‘Sweden Rock Magazine’, the german ‘Legacy - The Void from the Darkside’ and the danish ‘Metalized’ and meanwhile securing playtime on the danish rock radio: ‘myROCK’. The album represents the surrounding problems and the critical factors which are to be found in the postmodern society which we are a part of. The band has managed to write an album full of material from those inspirations sources and the album is with subjects as evilness, power struggle and superstition. The album is recorded in CB Studios in cooperation with the danish producer Christian Bonde Sørensen also known as the lead singer in the band ‘Whores and Thieves’. The first tracks were recorded in the middle of 2015 where the band spend a lot of time polishing, exploring the songs and challenging the borders of how music can be interpreted. By doing that, the band found their exact sound and expression which together made the band’s hard expression of the human being in it’s most “evil form”. The sound of the album is inspired by the hard edge of the 80’s and the songs do have a tiny touch and sometimes a strong mixture of heavy metal and thrash metal where the guitar sound is in focus with a powerful and hard vocal resounding to the thundering drums and bass to keep everything in order.
1. Animal
2. The Bloodcurdling Wail
3. Relentless War
4. Devil's Bride
5. Ancient Pharaoh
6. Get Away
7. Fight Bleed Kill
8. Beast
9. Awaken
10. Stuck Up In Chains
11. The Core
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